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MakeUp in Asia - Seoul

The only & unique BtoB make-up event in Asia

2017 April 5 & 6

Conrad Seoul Hotel

10am - 6pm


For the fourth consecutive year, success will be the one expected on 5 and 6 April 2017 at MakeUp in Seoul!  But the make-up market is evolving very quickly in Asia. Each country in this geographic area has its own strong cultural identity. It influences behaviours trends, expectations, needs. The MakeUp in…™ concept must adapt to these cultural identities and satisfy each component of a booming region. This is also the same approach that led us to create MakeUp in LosAngeles, while MakeUp in NewYork is progressing year after year. One country, two events!

For Asia, it appears that such a large and diverse area can only be covered properly by becoming directly involved in each of the countries in the area and by seeking to find or bring the good “make-up” word in each country.

Not any country, of course. In the wake of South Korea, China and Japan are obviously the three “pillar” countries of this legitimacy in the area of make-up and skincare. ” MakeUp in…™ ” changes for “MakeUp in Asia” and will take place successively as planned in Seoul on 5 and 6 April next, then in Shanghai in April 2018 and in Tokyo in April 2019 to settle in Seoul again in April 2020. A logical, coherent and efficient itinerary for the benefit of visitors and exhibitors!


“Congratulations to the entire team for this great Show! It has become obvious to everyone that Seoul is the city of make-up and that MakeUp in Seoul has become the reference trade show for make-up in the Asian continent.”

“It is at Seoul that is found the greatest synergy between cosmetic formula developments and packaging. Silos at last are breaking and the MakeUp in…™ organizing team knows very well how to highlight this synergy in a spirit of strong creativity.”

“It was such an amazing show and I hope we can have more shows with you guys! Thank you for all your efforts for the show, and we are so excited to move forward with our new potential customers!”